Last Tuesday we had  a talk about British Cuture by Christine from Burlington Publishers, which was organized by the English Department. A wonderful woman talked about a lot of things from Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. First, she showed the UK’s flag and she expained why The Wales’ flag wasn’t in the United Kingdom flag. It wasn’t part of the flag because the dragon of the Wales flag didn’t combine with the Uk’s flag. Moreover, she talked about the typical food in each country, the diminutive vocabulary in English for example, the sauce plate, the tea spoon and so on. For  me, this matter was fascinating and very curious. Finally, we played a musical game that was very amusing! All the classmates participated! I really learnt a  lot of things about british culture.

I would not mind participating in another talk like this again and to leanrn about other sites. Thanks for this talk!

Mario Santos