Sortida de Batxillerat d'anglès al pub Michael Collins a Sagrada Família (BCN)

El passat divendres 23 de febrer els alumnes de primer i segon de Batxillerat van participar d’un trivial en anglès al pub irlandès Michael Collins . Van fer quatre rondes de preguntes de coneixements generals (filosofia, història, geografia, ciències , literatura, esports i música..) totes en anglès.


Els i les alumnes han gaudit molt de l’activitat i han après molt també!!!


Us deixem algunes fotos de la jornada i les fotos dels guanyadors i guanyadores!


Així com també les opinions d’alguns dels alumnes!

Departament de Llengües estrangeres.


Students’ opinions:


Paula Villaroya – 1er Batxillerat:

“ First of all, just to say that the place was stunning, the wooden furniture, the pictures etc.. everything was pretty. Then, the quiz was hilarious because it wasn’t all about culture or history, there were also funny questions like the ones about knowing who was a famous celebrity and then it turned out to be our teacher instead. So, there were all kind of questions for all kind of people. Also, the fact that was in English made us be more focused on the language and we learnt new words.”



Aitana Chaves- 2on Batxillerat.


“I think that, in general, our experience at the Irish pub was great. It is  a good way to practice our English and it was also very funny to share with our classmates and friends. We were a great team because each one of us could solve the questions about the subject where we are good at and everygone gave something to the group. I was laughing all the time while I was learning things that not always we learn at school, like general culture stuff or team work”.


Sergi Cervilla- 1er Batxillerat


“Last Friday, we went to the pub where we had a funny time. I enjoyed the Trivial, although, my group didn’t win. I believe that it is a good idea to try to improve our English skills with games like this one outside the classroom….”


Ariadna Garrido- 2n Batxillerat.


“I really love the activity in the pub. It was very exciting and funny. I love the quiz and the boy who presented the activity as he was very friendly.

I totally recommend this experience for next year students.

My team won the first place and they gave us a prize.”


Raul Castillo- 1st Batxillerat.


“In my view, the activity was great. It was an absolutely fantastic way to have a great time and to learn English too. If I have to say something negative about, I think that there were a lot of music questions, and it wasn’t my favourite type of music. However, I would totally recommend this activity to other students”.