JACK, The Magic English Teacher

Els alumnes de 1r d’ESO van gaudir de l’espectacle JACK, The Magic English Teacher.

Aquests han estat alguns dels seus comentaris després del show:
“I think It was interesting and funny. I likes his triks, there were awesome.”
“I like his show it was interesting and funny i like so much his tricks”
“The show was great! I was really interested on the part of the rings, overall I liked it!”
“The show was incredible.”
“I really liked the show! It was fun.”
“The show was amazing!! I liked it so much.”
“I think of the show that it was very fun because I like magic tricks, the trick in which I had the most impressions was on the ticket because for some things it can be very useful.”
“I loved the show and there were impressive things that I was left with and I did not believe it because I was going crazy with the magic tricks that Jack did I hope there is another magical theater.The tricks that impressed me were the circles that later formed into squares and that came together and stopped.”